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Today if Ayn Rand was to take a look upon our time and the present development of our civilization, even though we are going through some economic down times as of April 8, 2009, she would be very impressed on how we lived up to the expectations of her Objectivist philosophical views. Art has taken more and more of dramatic switch hit than ever in its creative stylings and has probed into the very center of the human creative id. Here we come with face to face with the innate human nature of creativity as the object more than we are looking into it as collectivisms in art, or in art groupings.

Since about 1986 Fashions, and Art has become more or less, the earnest step child of Ms Rands views. It is why which is most interesting, and some of the details of which will be covered within this WebSite. To be sure the artists of today are seeking more personal enjoyment, even though there are thoughts of sociocultural revolution still rambling around in ones own art consciousness, and it this purely personal creative drive which is the leading end objectives contained in their own art which now prevails-even before, or , err, after eating.

What this, like other sectors within the sociocultural dynamics of our times and civiliations we are coming to a central value in which the centrality of all Fundemental Humans Rights are now leading us to be directed at very instinctual center, the id behavoiral creative will to be freed, by and for The Central Human Right to Full Discovery is / are our Objectivist ends.

And thus we have recent to our list of remarkable and very talent artists for example.

New Innovative Artist of the year 2009

What every one should likewise know, in the meantime. that in the full exploration of what we are attempting to bring about within our very innate creative ids ---which is our magic-emotional-biologic supportive center ---we have just begun to explore what we can create in both the arts, the innovative means of human resolution findings within our various societies and sub cultures --- the avant garde for example---, and the sciences.

Ayn Rand did and would not attempts at capsulating what was the ends of her views towards her later years, as she attempted to do during her earlier romantic years, but that she on the way trip'ed onto something in which she was not fully aware, but ironically the collectivists of her as well as our time once attempted an expression--but for whom were caught upon phony economics ----Marxism--- and its supportive political scapes....

This is the fundemental human rights to full discovery.

Once this is in your full view, the more cognizant you will be of your own self-value, and the additional needs, at time imperative for your not lose yourselves in off-colar ego-centricties but fully recommit to your art, and the ones who you love, and then take that one step beyond. I am more than willing to published it.

Lets the adventure begin!

Note: In all my initial communications I have always express the following.

" May you find the one love in your lives in the future expectations for a happier life."


Roger M. Christian
Ithaca, New York.

Brooklyn Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC 

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