ink on canvas, 13 x 18 cm

Political Pandemic
Jan Theuninck has been painting the evolution of Western totalitarianism for 20 years - he saw the evolution within the political spectrum where the socialist parties were lost (Fagospatose, 2001) in the Third Way (The third way is no way, 2004) movement of Clinton , Blair and Schröder with which they gave a face to communitarianism of the New World Order. He has often compared the latter to a new kind of National Socialism. His attention has always been fixed thanks to the 40 years of misery with blackmail games of the services and torture practices with chemical and energy weapons (Beyond the limit, 2001, Rinascimento, 2009, The culture of learned helplessness, 2011, Neostasi, 2012, Derailed system , 2012, The banality of Evil, 2013, Zersetzung, 2014, ils nous tiennent, 2015, Submission, 2015, Threat, 2016, Utopia, 2016, Conformity, 2017, Brainwashing, 2018, Warnung, 2019, Dein Kampf, 2019, Post -truth society, 2020 and now Political Pandemic, 2021

(In 2014 he already painted Virus Attack without believing that this would become a climax of the Davos counter-revolution years later)

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