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Is Painting still relevent? 30 Replies

Started by Max Herschfeld. Last reply by David Moss Jan 19, 2014.

The DENA Magazine (((DEBUT ISSUE)))

Started by Mistah Wilson Jul 24, 2012.

artwall magazine

Started by artwall zine Dec 1, 2011.

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Comment by Mistah Wilson on May 31, 2013 at 8:54pm

ThawilsonMAG Issue3

ThawilsonMAG Issue2


Comment by THOMAS JOHN TAYLOR on July 28, 2012 at 10:35pm

Aloha From My Studio,
I am revisiting My past, through memory stimuli brought out by contacting past friends and fiends of various substance abuse episodes We Shared, with Entirely different Slants on what happened. These Friends or Fiends are ignoring me as though I never existed. I save a persons Life, by carrying their body in a Saint Vitus Dance D'Resistance, Commandeering A Car From A Town Visitor, Driving To The Clinic and demanding Immediate Attention, Pronouncing No Vitals Present and Using Electric Shock plus Adrenaline to the Heart revived That Person 5 minutes Past being pronounced DEAD. That Next Day I was approached by the Brother, whom brandished a 25 cal. Berretta, that I Snatched Away, He Then Pursued to reverse The Situation and called the Police whom approached me without any evidence and literally told me to leave town Tomorrow. I Complied, when they explained that I could be charged with Capital Murder if That person Died. I Saved Her Life. Her Girl Friend Jill,and Her were Shooting Cocaine all day long in the Cribs that Her Family Owned. I didn't want to be the Fall Guy. She had destroyed Our Child with Her Reckless Abandon and Went To Denver For An Abortion. 
I returned a few times to Telluride to work on the Jazz Festival, and Bike Races. I was a Constant Promoter Of everything Telluride in a Positive light until I lost My Eyesight, and was reduced to Poverty, and further disabled by a Hit & Run on Maui, Hawaii, while riding a Bike at Night on the sidewalk, with lights and reflectors. I needed Help, and everyone deserted My Plea's for Help and Assistance. I Had lens replacement Surgery in December and Now I Can See Like it Was A Miracle. I can get around without a cane and My pain is reducing. I can't Tax The Town Of Telluride or get any Benefits From Those Years of Minimum Wage Rules That Make Wage Slaves Work For The Wealthy Land Barons, Used up and Disposed Like Yesterdays News. It's Still Going On Today. Those Ski Bums, Kitchen Staff, Bartenders, Waiters and Waitresses All Get Old and Die before Their Time. People Do Anything To Survive in Environments That Are Harsh and Unforgiving Like a Winter Storm in Telluride. I Brought My Everything and Left with Nothing. I Felt Like My World Was Forced Outside During A Crucial Moment Of Realization. I Was Never Loved In The Community, or even Liked. My Only Crime Was Loving The Town Daughter and Thinking She Loved Me More Then The Other Dozen Guys She Brought To Telluride. If Enough Talented People Gather Anywhere, That Place Begins To Shape Around Their Plans Of Development. Telluride was a Planned Development That profited The Original Conspirators, that included My Sweet Heart, The Love Of My Life, My Common Law Wife Whom Never Remembered Or Even Thought I Was Any Value. At 64 and recuperating, rehabilitating, and communicating this story to everyone, I Hope To Influence Change in Communities Like Telluride, and In The Hearts and Minds Of Men. STOP the Abuse of People by keeping Them on a treadmill of the Wage Slave, never going anywhere and needing Relief from all the Pain, Imagined or Not! Let The Slave BEWARE! ALOHA

Comment by THOMAS JOHN TAYLOR on July 28, 2012 at 9:01pm

Comment by artwall zine on February 20, 2012 at 4:44am

artwall magazine


to buy the printed copy go to


Bob Carlos Clarke,Tribute N.44

ART wALL: Bob Carlos Clarke,Tribute N.44

Irish photographer Bob Carlos Clarke, one of the most important of his generation.Unique style, famous models, elegant images with perfect tecniqueTO SEE THE ONLINE ISSUE FOR FREE WITH MUSICPLEASE GO TO WWW.ARTWALLZINE.COM

Find out more on MagCloud

Comment by artwall zine on December 24, 2011 at 5:36pm

alberto oliveira-special xmas artwall magazine

click in the cover to see the issue




Comment by artwall zine on December 1, 2011 at 6:07am

Click in the covers to see the latest issues from ARTWALL with great artists from all over the world



Comment by THOMAS JOHN TAYLOR on August 27, 2011 at 6:15pm

Recent years showed an increase in the number of business and academic publication that observe art from a market-financial perspective.

Record transactions achieved in auctions, continued market growth along with new market evolvements contributed to the rise in the interest of art as an investment asset.

The past decade showed tremendous increase in market transparency in the form of accessible online price databases as well as various statistical data tools becoming available for the general public in the form of periodical market reports and various indexes specifically developed for the art market.

Art investment has become part of corporate business strategy as well as individual collectors.


Soaring record sales, high profile art fairs, increase of market transparency along with the tremendous amount of money involved in the art field worldwide, attract more and more attention to the economic aspect of art specially the feasibility of art being a measurable investment asset.

Currently there is no single answer as to whether art’s correlation with other financial assets exits and whether it makes a good diversification tool in investment portfolios. .

While there is a clear appreciation in value for leading artists, and well thought off purchases have shown a positive rate in return, it is difficult to make a clear case for the overall art market or for specific segments only.


Investing in art can be realized as a profitable alternative, but it can also be extremely risky.

The art world has some inherited characteristics that should be taken into consideration when purchasing art for investment; the art market is illiquid, unregulated, opaque and high transaction costs can wipe out any profits.

Money invested in art is at the mercy of changing public taste and trends that can artificially inflate prices as well as handful gate keepers who control prices, supply and demand.

Despite recent augmented interest in art investment, the soaring record sales and obvious market growth, public’s decisions regarding art, still lack financial tools and methodology to estimate the rentability of the investment.


A carefully planned art portfolio with hand picked items can retain value over time and even yield healthy returns to its owner.

With knowledge, research, practice and discernment, it is possible to mitigate the inherited obscurity and reduce the risk involved in this investment.

The high end of the market is immune to public impuls and short-lived trends.

The art market has its blue-chip and well established artists that will always find stable market demand though the entry point is higher.

The clear advantage of investing in carefully planned collection is that it survives economic downturn.


Investing in art is a long term process. Buying art with a hope for a quick profit will most likely cause loss of money. One should love the art they buy especially if they intend to present it. One should enjoy the process of researching an artist and study their art work well.

Extensive research should be made prior to investing financially in an art piece.. One should research the artist’s main markets, history in terms of performance, demand and popularity, and finally the desired art piece itself.

It is essential to dig deep in order to understand the artist’s history, how they progressed over the years and preformed financially in their main markets over the years.
Comment by Brooke McGowen on August 25, 2011 at 2:13pm
This painting titled Curse of Oil, 4 x 6 ft. seen first in normal light, then in black light. Thank you for viewing.
Comment by Brooke McGowen on August 25, 2011 at 2:12pm
Comment by Brooke McGowen on August 25, 2011 at 2:11pm

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